Current report No. 16/2021
Date of preparation: 2021-06-24
Short name of the issuer: i2 Development S.A.
Subject: Appointment of Members of the Supervisory Board of i2 Development S.A.
Legal basis: Article 56 para. 1 item 2 of the Act on the offer – current and periodic information

Management Board of i2 Development S.A. („the Issuer”, “the Company”), informs that on June 24, 2021, in connection with the end of the current term of office of the Members of the Supervisory Board of the Company, the Ordinary General Meeting of the Issuer appointed the following persons to the Supervisory Board of the Company:

Mr. Andrzej Kowalski
Mr. Radosław Kuczyński
Mr. Jakub Klimczak
Mr. Michał Gabrysiak
Mr. Arkadiusz Barszczewski

According to the declarations of the appointed Members of the Supervisory Board, they are not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained pursuant to the Act on the National Court Register.

Messrs. Radosław Kuczyński, Jakub Klimczak, Michał Gabrysiak and Arkadiusz Barszczewski declared that they meet the independence criteria set out in Annex II to the Recommendation of the European Commission of February 15, 2005 on the role of non-executive or supervisory directors of listed companies and on the committees of the (supervisory) board and in the Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies 2016.

The CVs of the members of the Supervisory Board are provided by the Company in the attachment.

Signatures of persons representing the Company:
2021-06-24   Marcin Misztal   President of the Management Board

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