UNOFFICIAL TRANSLATION: Current report No. 57/2019
Date of preparation: 2019-10-31
Short name of the issuer: i2 Development S.A.
Subject: Change of date of conclusion of real estate purchase agreements

Legal basis Article 17 para. 1 MAR – confidential information

Management Board of i2 Development S.A. (hereinafter: the Issuer, the Company) with reference to current reports no. 27/2018 of 16.05.2018 and no. 61/2018 of 12.12.2018 regarding the conclusion of preliminary contracts for the purchase of real estate located in Wrocław, Grabiszyn District, informs that the parties of the transactions in question decided to change the dates of conclusion of promised sales contracts.

The new deadlines for concluding sales contracts are February 28, 2020 for the real estate covered by report no. 27/2018 and December 31, 2019 for the real estate covered by report no. 61/2018.

Relevant annexes in the form of notarial deeds were concluded by the parties.

Signatures of persons representing the Company:
2019-10-31   Marcin Misztal   President of the Management Board