Current report No. 7/2021
Date of preparation: 2021-03-05
Short name of the issuer: i2 Development S.A.

Subject: Appointment of the Company’s Management Board for a new term of office

Legal basis: Article 17 para. 1 MAR – confidential information.

The Management Board of i2 Development S.A. based in Wrocław [hereinafter: the „Company”] informs that due to the fact that the current joint term of the Management Board of the Company expires on April 20, 2021, on March 5, 2021, the Supervisory Board adopted a resolution on the appointment of the Management Board of the Company, new term of office, composed of:

Mr. Marcin Misztal – President of the Management Board,
for the next joint three-year term of office, counted from April 21, 2021.

Signatures of persons representing the Company:
2021-03-05  Marcin Misztal   President of the Management Board