Current report No. 9/2019
Date of preparation: 2019-06-03
Short name of the issuer: i2 Development S.A.
Subject: Joining the Company to the Liquidity Support Program

Legal basis Article 56, paragraph 1 point 2 of the Act on the offer – current and periodic information

The Management Board of i2 Development S.A. ("Company") informs that as of 31st May 2019 the Company has joined the Liquidity Support Program. Once the Company joins the Liquidity Support Program, the company’s shares cease to be qualified for the Lower Liquidity Zone. On the basis of the Communiqué of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Management Board as of 31st May 2019 change in the quotation system, resulting from the cessation of qualifying the Company’s shares to the Lower Liquidity Zone, will take place starting from the trading session on 5th June 2019.

Signatures of persons representing the Company:
2019-06-03   Gabriela Woś-Tarkowska   Vice-President of the Management Board